Have you ever played a round and asked yourself “self, what-the-@&$! just happened?” Well if you have, you may understand the feeling of over-analyzing every shot and every swing from an entire round. This happens to all of us addicts. It is an inevitable feeling for most golfers out there who are looking to improve.

But, here’s the deal; there is some consolation, you may learn something.

What if, instead of focusing on how you hit each shot, you focused on the strategy you employed with each shot? It is extremely difficult to hit each shot completely perfect. But it is extremely easy to make the correct strategic decision. Maybe this could help you lower your scores faster than hitting golf balls?

After your round, ask yourself: Did your drive always give you the most potential for success? There are ways to reduce the overall risk of the hole. By hitting your tee shot strategically, you can severely reduce your potential for danger. In other words, if there is water right, avoid going over the water at all costs. Hit a power fade down the left side. You can set yourself up much more effectively by playing the correct shape for the hole.

When you hit your approach, did you focus on where the pin was? If it’s tucked left, did you hook it in from the right? If you didn’t, why didn’t you? Typically, in that case, you would want to spray it out right and try to hook it back left. That way if you miss, you miss with plenty of green to work with.

Once your on the green, did you give yourself a chance to make your put? If you missed it short, you never gave yourself a chance to make the putt. At least by going past the hole, you know you gave it a good look.

By implementing these strategies, you can focus on the decision making, which is much easier to improve relative to your physical swing. Or you can continue to drive yourself crazy, who really knows?