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October 2015

Free Lesson #1 The Rules

The video below will provide a brief overview of the rules you need to know before hitting the links. Of course, there are hundreds of rules not covered that you can find here. Learning the rules can help build a foundation to lower scores in the future. SO TAKE NOTES!

Something Different in Affordable Golf Rentals, Sales, and Lessons

How often has a parent wanted to get their child interested in golf but has been turned off by the high cost of lessons and equipment?  And how many times has a college golfer been unable to afford the newest set of irons?  Even just once is too much for us. This is why we have created our online marketplace which allows local golfers to rent or sell their unused or old golf equipment to other players. This allows you to make money while lowering  the costs for others.

Help us affordgolf! Sign up at our marketplace and start posting your listings today!

Free Golf Lessons!

As part of our never ending struggle to find ways to make the game as affordable as possible, we have developed a FREE online lesson plan that anybody can follow.  In the coming weeks, we will be posting our lessons for the masses.  Our hope is to help bring online learning to the forefront of golf instruction.  Whether it be through social media, online marketplaces, Youtube videos or free lesson plans, our goal is to continue to help you affordgolf!

How we make golf affordable

We are actively searching for digital solutions to make the game of golf more affordable.  We have recently developed an online marketplace for individuals and companies to post listings for buying, selling and renting golf equipment in addition to lessons and teaching services.  By providing a hub for all things golf and allowing individuals to market their own resources we feel we can bring down the costs to golf while lowering scores.  Check out our listings on AffordGolf!

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