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May 2016

5 Ways To Afford Golf


In our never-ending effort to make golf more affordable we have listed the top 5 ways for everybody to afford golf.

  1. Play public or municipal courses.  While they may not be the most glamourous, they do offer low rates for a round of golf.  In the end, that’s all we’re really looking for.
  2. Buy your clubs online.  There are a bunch of different websites out there that allow you to buy and sell used golf clubs online (enter my plug for here).  You don’t need the latest and greatest, you just want some nice sticks to go smack the ball around with.
  3. Build it into your budget.  Hey, who the f*** is talking about budgets!? Yea I know, it’s lame.  But if you can carve out some of your cash flow you can find yourself with (and on) a lot more greens 😉.
  4. See if a membership makes sense.  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.  As a general rule, if you play more than 40 rounds a year (at the same course), you should look into a membership.
  5. Play in the late afternoons.  Many courses have “twilight rates” which are usually at a steep discount to the regular greens fees.

This concludes the top 5 ways to afford golf.  Please email us at if you have other ideas or suggestions.

Free Lesson #11 How to Chip

This lesson helps develop the fundamentals behind the chip shot.  The idea behind the chip is to keep the ball low and get it rolling on the green as quickly as possible.  It is important to pick a spot on the green to land the ball and let it release towards the hole from there.  Like all shots in golf, you want to focus on rocking your shoulders and taking the hands out of the swing.


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