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5 Reasons Why Virtual Golf Is Great Practice

Here we go!  The top 5 reasons why virtual golf is great practice.

1.  You can get an exact understanding of your distances.  

In the real world, golf is full of variables.  You have wind, rain, roll, etc…  the golf simulator eliminates all of that.  You can get a very good understanding of your carry distances and ball flight.

2.  18 holes takes 2 hours instead of 4.

In the same time it takes for you to play real golf, you will have hit twice as many golf shots in virtual golf.  This gives the player the opportunity to see more holes and understand their misses better.

3.  You can play almost any course you want.

Most virtual golf simulators have a database of 20+ golf courses.  This gives you access to the types of shots that you would otherwise have to be a tour pro to play.  In addition, you can control the elements you plan to make it harder or easier.

4.  Less walking.

Nuff said.

5.  You don’t lose any golf balls.

It sucks when you buy a new sleeve of PROV1s for $15 and then proceed to lose every single one on the first four holes.  Everybody has been there.  But with virtual golf, you can shank it all over the place and never lose a golf ball.  Thanks science ūüĎć

The moral of the story is that virtual golf can be a better use of practice time then spending a lot of energy on the range.  Especially when you can get a deal for “off hour” rates or go with a friend to split the bill.  It will never be as good as playing in real life, but it’s better than hitting balls in the snow.  

Insert shameless plug for:


Both have great simulators and are a lot of fun.

2017 Driver Review

Ok so first of all, DRIVERS ARE WAYYY TO EXPENSIVE.  Of all the drivers that I tested, not a single one was less than $400.  That’s a car payment.  But that’s not the point of this blog.  The point here, was to have an unbiased third party perspective on the new drivers on the market.

Where did this experience take place:  Dicks Sporting Goods.  Yes I am aware there are retail golf stores but  I didn’t want to drive that far.

How did we/I formulate opinions:  completely subjective.  Absolutely no imperical data was used during the making of this piece.

The clubs tested:

2017 Cobra King F7

7 out of 10.  Overall one of the better feeling clubs and relatively affordable compared to others reviewed.

2017 Taylormade M1 and M2 drivers

6 out of 10 and 6.5 out of 10 respectively.  Never been more disappointed in a golf club in my life.  I thought Taylormade was the best of the best when it comes to drivers.  It turns out, however, their clubs feel like  wood.  The only reason it is not completely terrible, is because of all the clubs hit, the M2 went the furthest (according to the simulator).  Otherwise terrible.

2016-2017 Ping G series 

8 out of 10.  Best in class.  Ball felt good off the face for both cuts and draws.  Compareable distance to the M2 according to the simulator.  There is a lot to like about this club but it still didn’t blow me away.

On the whole, the experience reviewing these clubs was a disappointment.  I compared every club to my existing driver, a 10yr old Callaway FT3, and there was no difference.  I had hoped there would be a MASSIVE step forward in innovation between the past and today’s drivers.  But there really wasn’t and it has nothing to do with Callaway either because their XR driver blows.  No, in my opinion there has not been any significant innovation in driver performance since weights were introduced to screw up people’s swings.  Perhaps things will change.  But I doubt it.  For now, buy used.

2016 U.S. Open Preview

Ever since Tiger was was beaten by his wife, there has been an endless search for the “Newest Phenom” in golf. ¬† But I think this year is different. ¬†This year,¬†we already have the next generation of golf.

Yes, I am going to miss watching Tiger.  But I think we have something better coming.  This year, we have Rory vs Jordan vs Jason.  U.K. (sorry Ireland) vs U.S.A. vs Australia.  This is what makes golf fun.  When you have a team to root for.  When you feel just as nervous as Rory does standing over a 4 foot putt.  This year will be a battle between countries not individuals.

The course is said to be the most difficult U.S. Open course in recent memory (source: any instagram post on golf over the past 2 weeks).  Which means we are going to get to see one of the greatest mental tests of golf.  How will they respond?

Most oddsmakers have Jason Day favored to win followed by Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth.  I guess that makes sense.  Jordan would be my bet, he has the clutch gene (Yes, I know what happened at the Masters) and has better odds right now.  Truthfully, they should all be betting even.

If I had to pick a dark horse, I would choose either Justin Rose or Patrick Reed. ¬†Justin is the best player who hasn’t won a major yet, and Patrick has a U.S. Open game ¬†(Aka. he is a grinder).

So, when you are falling asleep listening to the broadcast on Sunday afternoon, just remember, this is the future and it is going to be great.

P.S. ¬†Sorry Danny Willet. ¬†I think you got lucky ūüėČ



Would You Pay For An Online Golf Lesson?

I have been thinking about providing a consultation service for people who are interested in having feedback on their swing. The idea would be to provide a low cost alternative to in-person one on one lessons.

Of course, this will take time and time is money so I am wondering if there would be any interest and what people would pay for that type of service?


Let me know what you think!

5 Ways To Afford Golf


In our never-ending effort to make golf more affordable we have listed the top 5 ways for everybody to afford golf.

  1. Play public or municipal courses. ¬†While they may not be the most glamourous, they do offer low rates for a round of golf. ¬†In the end, that’s all we’re really looking for.
  2. Buy your clubs online. ¬†There are a bunch of different websites out there that allow you to buy and sell used golf clubs online (enter my plug for here). ¬†You don’t need the latest and greatest, you just want some nice sticks to go smack the ball around with.
  3. Build it into your budget. ¬†Hey, who the f*** is talking about budgets!? Yea I know, it’s lame. ¬†But if you can carve out some of your cash flow you can find yourself with (and on) a lot more greens ūüėČ.
  4. See if a membership makes sense. ¬†Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. ¬†As a general rule, if you play more than 40 rounds a year (at the same course), you should look into a membership.
  5. Play in the late afternoons. ¬†Many courses have “twilight rates” which are usually at a steep discount to the regular greens fees.

This concludes the top 5 ways to afford golf.  Please email us at if you have other ideas or suggestions.

Spin over swing?

#Spinoverswing is the new way to think about golf.  The simplest analogy is to think of golf like ping pong.  Rarely do people practice the way they swing a ping pong paddle; instead, competitors focus on the spin they are trying to produce when they hit the ball.  Golf is the same exact thing.

Regardless of the way you swing the club the objective is always the same, to put the ball in the hole. Course designers develop courses to allow people to shape shots and make misses.  If you can take advantage of the subtleties of a golf course you can drastically lower your scores.

By focusing on the spin of the golf ball, you can find ways to control your misses. ¬†This is the first step to reducing your scores. ¬†Whether it be making sure you pull the ball when there is water right, or, allowing for a push when there is “out of bounds” left. ¬†Understanding spin can significantly improve scores and help amateurs and professionals alike.

So what is #spinoverswing? ¬†#Spinoverswing is what affordgolf is all about. ¬†It’s about making golf simple. ¬†On every level, regardless if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

Also, we like to have fun;)



Buying a new set of clubs?

Are you looking to buy a new set of clubs?  Take a look at this guide from beforehand.


Free Lesson #10 The Half Swing

This lesson helps build toward the full swing.  It is important to  revisit Free Lesson #6 The Shoulder Rotation Drill which is the foundation for every shot in golf.



Free Lesson #9 The Lag Putting Drill

This drill helps increase the size of your target for longer putts. Lay a towel down and make at least 10 putts in a row (from 40+ft) that finish on top of the towel before starting your round.

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