2016 was a great year for golf.  Many have dispaired over the thought of reviewing the events of this past year, but not golfers. No.  For today’s golf fan there is much to be thankful for.  So here we go with this 2016 Year In Review.

It started with a bang at the Masters with 3 hole in ones on the same day:

Then Spieth collapsed at the end of what would have been an all time run.  My live tweets captured the moment brilliantly.

By the end of the day Danny Willet walked away with the green jacket as his brother so eloquently put it:

Next up was the U.S. Open, which to be honest, was meh.  Dustin Johnson won but the real storyline ended up being Paulina Gretzky.  Per usual…

The British Open was a showdown between Henrik Stenson (aka Martin Kaymer) and Phil Mickelson.  Martin ended up winning handily as Phil blamed a “shitty” journalist on national television:

Moving on we had the Olympics.  This had been a long time coming and something we were all looking forward to.  Well everybody except for these guys:


Thankfully, Matt Kuchar came in to save 3rd place for America.  Gob bless you Matthew.

I honestly can’t remember the PGA championship but I know it was held in New Jersey.  Nuff said.

Obviously the biggest event of the year was the Ryder Cup.  The USA was finally able to beat the Europeans in a tug-of-war battle that featured some roudy fans:

The greatest Ryder Cup match of all time:

And Mickelson and Spieth “celebrating”:

Yes, the 2016 golf season was a lot of fun. We even had our annual Tiger Woods cock tease.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.  And what better way to close out the year, then with a pic of a fly-by-night Instagram model turned pro golfer in a onesie.

Happy New Year everybody!