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June 2016

2016 U.S. Open Recap

I’ll start by saying I was wrong.  I had hoped that this years Open would be about Rory vs Spieth vs Day.  Instead, we had Dustin Johnson vs Shane Lowrey and the rule book.  

To be 100% honest, I fell asleep.  I truly don’t care about either player.  Dustin Johnson gets a lot of love out there but I  can’t really stand him.  I am not sure what it is, but he reminds me of Lebron James.  He has all this great publicity and is the most gifted athlete out there but always seemed to choke until this past Sunday.  Also I hate his swing (I know #spinoverswing I’m a hypocrite but if I close the face on all of my clubs I could hit them 20 yards further also.  Maybe I should be doing that?).  In the end, Shane Lowrey is from Ireland, so I had to root for DJ as an American despite how much I wanted to see Shane chug Guinness on Twitter.

As I began to doze off, the USGA decided to make it all about them, per usual.  Maybe someday they will realize that by focusing so much on the rules they are effectively alienating people from the game.  Nobody wants to watch a sport/hobby where they can’t determine a rules violation for four hours.  That’s about when I totally passed out.

So, congratulations to the 2016 U.S. Open winner, Dustin Johnson.  I am sure he and his family will be celebrating this win in an appropriate, safe, and sustainable manner.

Obligatory pic of Paulina with DJ:


2016 U.S. Open Preview

Ever since Tiger was was beaten by his wife, there has been an endless search for the “Newest Phenom” in golf.   But I think this year is different.  This year, we already have the next generation of golf.

Yes, I am going to miss watching Tiger.  But I think we have something better coming.  This year, we have Rory vs Jordan vs Jason.  U.K. (sorry Ireland) vs U.S.A. vs Australia.  This is what makes golf fun.  When you have a team to root for.  When you feel just as nervous as Rory does standing over a 4 foot putt.  This year will be a battle between countries not individuals.

The course is said to be the most difficult U.S. Open course in recent memory (source: any instagram post on golf over the past 2 weeks).  Which means we are going to get to see one of the greatest mental tests of golf.  How will they respond?

Most oddsmakers have Jason Day favored to win followed by Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth.  I guess that makes sense.  Jordan would be my bet, he has the clutch gene (Yes, I know what happened at the Masters) and has better odds right now.  Truthfully, they should all be betting even.

If I had to pick a dark horse, I would choose either Justin Rose or Patrick Reed.  Justin is the best player who hasn’t won a major yet, and Patrick has a U.S. Open game  (Aka. he is a grinder).

So, when you are falling asleep listening to the broadcast on Sunday afternoon, just remember, this is the future and it is going to be great.

P.S.  Sorry Danny Willet.  I think you got lucky 😉



Would You Pay For An Online Golf Lesson?

I have been thinking about providing a consultation service for people who are interested in having feedback on their swing. The idea would be to provide a low cost alternative to in-person one on one lessons.

Of course, this will take time and time is money so I am wondering if there would be any interest and what people would pay for that type of service?


Let me know what you think!

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