So recently @stoolpresidente presented his 6 point manifesto. It includes quiet holes, speed holes, throwing the ball, and various other terrible ideas.

I have a better plan. Make every tournament like the Ryder Cup. Teams in each city across the U.S. And make heckling allowed. Boom. Billion dollar business. You’re welcome.

Listen, the reason why the Ryder Cup is the best tournament for spectating is because people are getting wasted and rooting for their team. It isn’t a consortium of elite father-in-laws. No, it’s the real raw emotion of patriotism and us vs. then competitiveness the sport needs (first time I have ever called golf a sport).

Now, I’m not saying we get rid of the classics. The Masters is the “Tradition Unlike Any Other” (trademarked by Augusta 🤦‍♂️) and the U.S. Open is where Amateurs compete against the pros. What I am saying is there is room for a franchise league in golf. That way, we could watch Justin Thomas get heckled, win the tournament, and still feel good about ourselves.

In truth, I really didn’t read all of @stoolpresidente ‘s blog, but I did see at the bottom he had “Gambling On Every Hole”. That is something I totally agree with. But as far as rest of his rules are concerned, it’s #badforgolf. You want #goodforgolf ? Give me Boston vs New York, Chicago vs Detroit, La Jolla vs. Honolulu. And #MakeGolfGreatAgain