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April 2016

Spin over swing?

#Spinoverswing is the new way to think about golf.  The simplest analogy is to think of golf like ping pong.  Rarely do people practice the way they swing a ping pong paddle; instead, competitors focus on the spin they are trying to produce when they hit the ball.  Golf is the same exact thing.

Regardless of the way you swing the club the objective is always the same, to put the ball in the hole. Course designers develop courses to allow people to shape shots and make misses.  If you can take advantage of the subtleties of a golf course you can drastically lower your scores.

By focusing on the spin of the golf ball, you can find ways to control your misses.  This is the first step to reducing your scores.  Whether it be making sure you pull the ball when there is water right, or, allowing for a push when there is “out of bounds” left.  Understanding spin can significantly improve scores and help amateurs and professionals alike.

So what is #spinoverswing?  #Spinoverswing is what affordgolf is all about.  It’s about making golf simple.  On every level, regardless if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

Also, we like to have fun;)



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