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Free Lesson #5 The Low Pitch Shot

This video will help you build the fundamentals for the low pitch shot. An important building block for the game of golf. Good luck!

Free Lesson #4 The Chipping Drill

The following video can help build hand-eye coordination, consistent contact, and impact angles. Try to use this drill as part of your practice routine. We recommend making 50 chips like this before every round…

Free Lesson #3 The Golf Grip

In lesson #3, you will learn about the 3 main types of golf grips. These are the most commonly used golf grips and can provide a foundation to work from moving forward…

Free Lesson #2 The Gate Drill

The following drill can be used for both putting and chipping. The main purpose is to help with your hand-eye coordination and to improve your ability to make consistent contact. In general, we recommend making 50 putts and 50 chips using the gate drill before hitting the range. Good luck!

Free Lesson #1 The Rules

The video below will provide a brief overview of the rules you need to know before hitting the links. Of course, there are hundreds of rules not covered that you can find here. Learning the rules can help build a foundation to lower scores in the future. SO TAKE NOTES!

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