The answer is no for a lot of today’s pros. Whether it’s because of the Zyka virus, the outbreak of violence, or the drinking water conditions, many of the best pros have decided to take a seat at this years Olympic Games.  

Players not playing in Olympics:  So would you play golf for your country?  Personally, I think it’s speaks to the person.  Some people choose to serve their country, others choose to sit at home.  Some people see golf as a leisure activity, others as a tough test of athleticism and courage.     

Yea I get it.  Professional’s make millions. And if anything were to happen, they could have the most to lose.  They could also probably spend their time resting or making money doing something else.  After all, it was a grueling season and they definitely don’t make enough.

Maybe I don’t know anything because I wasn’t invited and couldn’t possibly understand.  Regardless, the answer to that question is most definitely a yes for me.  Golf is too much fun to turn down and it’s the least I can do for my country (like literally the least).  

So I’m gonna suggest we all take Russian steroids and see how much better at golf we can get.  Because anybody might be able to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games and I can’t think of an easier way to give back to the country that has given me so much. 

P.S.  Go U.S.A.