As you may have heard, Tiger recently dropped out of the Safeway Open and it brings to mind this question that gets posed from time to time.  I’m not quite sure of the answer from a ratings perspective, but I will say that he provided the same electricity the Ryder Cup had a few weeks back.  That’s just a fact.

Golf needs that atmosphere.  More noise, more rivalries, more polarization.  Tiger brought all of that to every tournament he was in.  

Don’t believe me? 

I dare you to watch those clips and not get excited to play golf.  There are millions of examples of Tiger getting crowds involved in a sport that usually puts people to sleep.

I don’t think we see that anymore.  I think all we see is political correctness and underwellming sportsmanship.

If we want to #makegolfgreatagain we need to have more competition.  More Match play.  More team events.  More beers.  There should be cheerleaders on every hole and Rory should get booed every time he swings.  Fans should be able to heckle and yell over 2 footers.  And they should have AC/DC’s “Welcome To the Jungle” playing in the background.  I mean, it worked for the NFL, right?

Maybe golf is a “gentlemans game” but if it doesn’t learn from Tiger then it could be an extinct game.